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Tell Me About Your Project
The Documentation Process
 Updated: 9/26/2009
If you think I might be able to help you with a writing project, the first step is for us to discuss it.  We can do that by phone, e-mail, or in person.  (Since I am located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, phone or e-mail is probably the best option if you are not also in this area.)
This form gives me basic information about how to contact you.  It also allows you to tell me what the project is.  This is important because the questions I'll need to ask you will depend on the type of project this is.
Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you!

The Process

If you think you might want to use my services, how do you proceed?

The best thing for us to do is discuss what the project is and what your deadline is. You can do that by calling, sending me an e-mail, or by filling in the form below.

When I get that information, I should be able to estimate a general price range (depending on how much information you include). I can usually suggest ways to adjust the cost, too, by describing services you can add to or subtract from the project.

If the general price range is acceptable, we can proceed to an actual proposal. I will ask for more specific information about the project and request a sample of any existing content. Then I'll give you either a formal or an informal proposal (small projects generally get an informal proposal). The work is generally staged, so you can see and approve how it is proceeding. Payment terms are also staged.

Since there is no obligation in getting a price range, please feel free to get in touch with me about any writing or website development project you have. I'll be happy to discuss what I can do for you!

Phone: 214-441-1230
Cell Phone: 817-929-0372

The Form

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